7 Signs Stressed Adults are Actually Infants

If you’ve experienced stress, you’ve experienced all the similarities. Join me in reliving it, unless you’re still living it–then we can just cry together.

1. You Cry. A Lot. 


Is there ever a reason to not cry?

2. You Need Naps 


Ten minutes turns into two hours and then you’ve forgotten what day it is. 

3. You Can Sleep Anywhere


The mall, my desk, the bathroom, a bus, I don’t care.

4. You Eat Your Feelings


No one is going to have a good time until I get french fries. A lot of french fries.

5. You Drink A Lot


Babies choose milk. We choose alcohol.

6. You Need An Adult


I’m supposed to know what I’m doing, but I don’t know what I’m doing.

7. You’re Resilient.



Mainly you eat, sleep, and cry, but you’re adulting like the rest of us. And you’re doing great.


3 Tips to Beat Depression

I’ve struggled with depression my entire life, but these three things make a HUGE difference if I go even one day without them. And please, if you’re feeling down–talk to someone. A professional does wonders and can point you in the right direction. These tips can help–but you might have something going on that requires medication (and getting that medication would make you feel GREAT! So think about it.) Now, to the list.




Don’t scoff at your screen. I can’t stress this one enough. Your entire body needs it and if I don’t drink enough, I stay in bed all day. Water helps dissipate that dark cloud and it truly does ease your mind. I mean it. Just try it. What have you got to lose?



Now, if you’re like me–I hate exercising. Hate hate hate it.–Get to a planet fitness (no judgement zone, I love it) and jump on one of their fancy machines. Not the treadmill–that one hurts your joints if you’ve got bad ones like me!–Branch out! Try the elliptical! It’s easy on the joints and it’s a fun little bouncy machine. Take a friend. Get going.



Yes. Preferably with a professional. They can help you get to the root of what’s bothering you and you can work on solving it! Hooray! And they can even point you to the right medication if you need it–do your research. I am the queen of bottling everything up, but when I let myself branch out for help, a weight lifts off my chest. I discover something about myself and I can try to work on it.

There are many many many mental health conditions, and these aren’t a fix all–I’ve just noticed a drastic change if I do all three of these daily. But please, seek a professional. They are unbiased and can see the situation from every side–plus they’re trained!–so they’ll have the best advice. I still struggle daily to follow this list–so if you do too, it’s okay! Don’t give up!

Success is a bumpy uphill battle. And you can do this!



10 Things a Writer Thinks Every Day

1. I’m going to get my writing done today!


I can do at least one chapter today. Totally.

2. How dare I believe for even a second that I can compete in this market.


I can’t open Harry Potter right now. I’ll cry at my complete and utter lack of skill.

3. I can do this!


Got my coffee, my favorite pen, and a few hours–I got this.

4. I can’t do this.


I am garbage. This is garbage. I can’t do it.

5. I’m a beautiful writer!


Look at that magic–that poetry. Now, three hundred more pages of that.

6. My writing is trash.


Why am I trying, when I could be crying?

7. I’m going to make this piece sing.


This one’s the one. It’ll be big.

8. I’m deleting everything I’ve ever written. 


I’m done.

9. I love writing! It’s my purpose! giphy-10.gif

This is what I was meant to do.

10. I hate writing.


If you need me, I’ll be in bed.

The process will begin again tomorrow. No matter how hard it pushes us away, we always crawl right back.

10 Confessions of a College Grad

1. I’m unemployed! 


I’m going to blame it on the economy and not my Liberal Arts degree.

2. I drink so much wine.


In my defense, it’s $5 bottles of the cheapest merlot.

3. I’m drowning in debt.


Student loans. Credit Cards. I don’t care. (Yes I do.)

4. I’m pretty sure I’m a toddler inside an adult’s body.


I don’t know what I’m doing, I nap all the time, and I cry too much.

5. Starbucks is my one solace.


Don’t tell me I can’t afford it, I already know.

6. Half the time, I feel like a failure.


They all told me that if I got a degree, I could do ANYTHING. Did they…lie?

7. I sleep to avoid my problems.


Brain off, pain off.

8. If I’m not sleeping, I’m watching Netflix.


Sometimes I need to ignore the fact that I’m sad and unemployed.

9. I miss having like-minded people around me. unnamed-7

Let’s not study together.

10. I want to go back?!


Because now I’ve been thrust into the real world and I don’t like it.

I’d rather go back to class.